The In-Cabin Experience Alliance (ICEA)

Reimagining the in-cabin experience

ICEA brings together innovative companies working on cutting edge technologies for vehicle interiors.



To offer partners a complementary set of technologies that provide new data and insights about the vehicle and how it is being used by occupants.

The collective goal of ICEA members is to improve the experience of vehicle users, therefore enabling partners to explore new business models. 

The ICEA website provides a single entry point for related solutions, enabling partners to efficiently pick and choose the capabilities they need for a range of automotive and mobility deployments.

We work with leading OEMs, automotive suppliers, fleet operators and technology providers around the world.


Complimentary technologies for vehicle cabins.


Use Cases

ICEA members are creating solutions for the future of automotive and mobility.


Shared forms of vehicle use are becoming increasingly common. With larger fleets being used more frequently, fleet managers are looking for solutions to make operations more efficient & profitable and to improve the user experience.

By providing new data, including vehicle diagnostics and automatic detection of in-cabin issues, ICEA members are enabling partners to maintain their fleets and to offer high-quality services to their customers.


Vehicles that are self-driving open up a world of opportunities for passengers to experience their journeys in new ways.

From entertainment to comfort, ICEA members are pioneering technologies to make the in-cabin experience safer and more enjoyable.

Meet the Founders

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ICEA members at MOVE 2020

CleanAI (Booth S185) and Make My Day (Booth S28) will be exhibiting at MOVE 2020 in London 11-12 February 2018. Come and meet both teams to learn more about their innovative technologies.

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